Intempo Project Information

About Intempo:

Six organizations are partners in this project and more than 1000 participants are involved in teaching, learning and training activities: VET teachers/trainers and students. The general objective of the partnership is to improve VET-teachers’ skills and competences so that their teaching respond to the needs identified. Throughout the period of implementation of the INTEMPO project, the teachers/trainers will learn to adapt their methods and use technology in classroom for a modern innovative approach of VET teaching; this will result in an increased employability of students/trainees on the European labour market. Several strategic instruments and methodologies will be used for reaching these targets. They are structured in specific objectives and assigned to the different partners together with the different events which will be carried out throughout the project (transnational project meetings, learning activities, dissemination etc.). The partnership aims to produce the following intellectual results: CURRICULAR AUXILIARY FOR MECHATRONICS - a collection of teaching materials resulted from cooperation and joint work. The Auxiliary, adapted to the educational needs of the students as well as the requirements of the labour market, will provide support for VET lessons for an important number of teachers/trainers as it will be distributed and disseminated in the VET teacher community(local and European). GUIDELINE FOR MECHATRONICS - will be designed as a collaborative material resulted from the constant exchange of good practices and experimental lessons within the six participating organizations; the guide will comprise a collection of methodologies, strategies, innovative teaching resources: digital tools - software, Web 2.0, tutorials, practical applications.